Friday, October 15, 2010

6 types of toughness

6 Types of Toughness: Are You Tough Enough?
Mental Toughness
·         Championship players are continually focused on the areas of their game they can control. They aren’t
·         focused on a referee’s poor call or a teammate’s mistake.
·         These players know they can only control their own effort, enthusiasm, and attention to detail.
·         They keep focus on those areas of their game rather than on other external factors. Are you mentally tough enough to fight through the usual excuses; including fatigue, boredom, and blaming others?
·         Mentally tough players are rocks
Injury Toughness
·         See Steve Nash. Nash’s face has been bloodied and beaten up over the years, and he has a constant back injury.  That must all be very painful; however, it hasn’t stopped him from participating in many games and practices with his teammates.  
·         Are you tough enough to play through a minor amount of pain, so long as no further or more damaging injury could arise?
·         There is a difference between being hurt and being injured.  Throughout the season you will have to battle through pain. Your back will be sore, your legs will be aching, and you will have to be tough enough to play through this.  Practice time is too valuable to miss!
Verbal Communication Toughness
·         Tough players are always communicating; providing verbal instruction and encouragement to their teammates on the court, in the weight-room, and even on road trips.
·         A teammate communicates clearly, concisely, with consistent enthusiasm, and the appropriate tone.
·         Are you tough enough to provide on-going and non-stop communication with your teammates on an
·         everyday and every-drill basis?
·         Do you have enough toughness to tell a teammate that he is not doing something right?  Are you tough
·         enough to take constructive criticism?
Physical Toughness
·         The best players invite and welcome contact.
·         Basketball IS a contact sport.
·          On the offensive end, you have to be able to cut, dribble, and screen with constant contact. 
·          On the defensive end, you have to make the offensive team uncomfortable with your defensive presence.
·         Are you tough enough to not allow a bump on the hip or slap on the wrist from finishing a strong, powerful dribble move to the basket?
Body Language Toughness
·         Psychologists say that over 90% of what we communicate is non-verbal. However, few players are aware that (based on how they stand and position their bodies),
·         Their actions and words are opposite.  What they say and what they do are not compatible. 
·         Older players, you are being watched and mimicked by your younger teammates
·         Younger players, your teammates are watching to see how you are acting.
·          Are you tough enough to act present and engaged in every moment of your life, both on the court and off?
Improvement Toughness
·         Successful people in life have a resilient desire for improvement in every aspect of their life.
·         With improvement comes change, and with change comes the discomfort of the unknown.
·         Special players welcome that awkwardness, knowing improvement is on the horizon.
·         Are you tough enough to face some temporary inconvenience for the end goal of permanent improvement?
·         Are you tough enough to get out of your comfort zone?

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