Friday, April 27, 2012

Thoughts from Bennett and Wooden

Dick Bennett’s Five Biblical Concepts
1. Don’t be lukewarm.
a. Don’t be spit out of someone’s mouth like lukewarm water.
b. Be passionate about things that matter.
c. Maintain an individual and team hunger.

2. Have the mentality of a servant.
a. Always look for an opportunity to serve.
b. It’s best to serve when you expect nothing in return.

3. Understand and practice humility.
a. James 3:13
b. Consider others better than yourself.

4. Never let the sun go down without resolving all bad situations.
            a. Say what needs to be said now, and then get on with your life.
            b. Don’t let pride hold you back-say you’re sorry.
            c. Live today with the assumption that it will be your last.
5. Maintain an attitude of thanksgiving.
            a. Be thankful for what you have.  Don’t waste time on jealousy.
            b. Consider every situation to be an opportunity for growth.

---Wash your hands of success.
---Success softens, deludes and weakens.

John Wooden
“The way to improve the team is to improve ourselves.” 
“I learned more coaching the year I had the worst record.”
“Do what you are supposed to and success will follow.”
“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”
“Teach the game, then let them play. Don’t over control.”
“The purpose of discipline is to correct, not punish.”
“I lost my temper but I never lost control.”
“Pay more attention to lesser players in practice.”
“Today’s coaches are too concerned with winning, I never talked about winning.  We played against our capabilities.”
“Don’t mistake activity for achievement.”
  • Wooden’s Four Laws of Learning:” Explanation. Demonstration. Correction. Repetition.”
“Master the familiar.”
“Follow criticism with praise.”
“The best teacher is repetition, day after day.”
“Practice always against pressure.”
“Patience means sticking to your game plan.”

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