Monday, April 23, 2012

Thoughts from Bob Hurley

Coach Hurley uses an acronym with his team PRIDE
• Preparation
◦ Must practice every situation that can occur in a game
◦ Team gains confidence from knowing that there is nothing that will happen in a game that they are
not prepared for
◦ Last two years in big moments in the state playoffs they have called timeout in front of their bench
and successfully run a sideline out of bounds play that they have rehearsed
• Repetition
◦ Must practice the fundamentals every day
◦ Coach Wooden made his teams execute fundamentals daily in painstaking detail
• Imitation
◦ If you see something that you like and it fits your style, use it
◦ Coach Hurley traveled to California to learn more about a zone defense that he saw and liked
◦ He used it two years ago in the States to help beat St. Patrick's
◦ Coach Parcells – have every coach say something positive to every player during the first fifteen
minutes of practice
• Defense
◦ In order to be successful your team must be committed to playing good defense
• Enthusiasm
◦ You must coach with passion
◦ Players need to see you are passionate and enthusiastic about what you are doing
◦ Your passion and enthusiasm will be contagious
• Social Media
◦ Coach Hurley's daughter monitors his current and former player's Facebook posts
◦ She makes sure that the players posts are appropriate and will not get them into trouble
◦ Coach Hurley requires his players to friend her

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