Sunday, July 1, 2012

Doc Rivers thoughts

o Coach‟s ego: Is it about you or about the team?
o “Beginners are open and experts are closed.  When you become an expert, stay open!”
o Character vs. Character (s)
o You have to protect your team culture.
o The little things matter.  Example: Celtics won a game against Cleveland on jump ball.
o Important little things: Extra pass, closeouts
o Build your staff around the team that you want to have: Loyal, hard working, disciplined.
o Sets up staff like a football program: offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator.
o Do you trust the people on your staff?
o Give them room to do their strengths.
o Cannot ask players to fill roles unless you let your staff fulfill their roles.
o Players must buy into your system of play.
o Have a theme/purpose to the season.
o Doc took Big 3 on parade route they would ride for winning the championship. (same route
Patriots and Red Socks used) Develop direction and image.
o Ask players “Do you want to win? “  Most say yes, but only if it‟s comfortable for them.
o Fight for your system/culture every day. 
o Eliminate the S‟s in your program: Selfish, Stubborn, etc.
o Cannot let a talented player affect your thinking.
o Talking to players after the draft: “You only have a number for one day.  After that, it is all up to
o If you steal something from someone, make it your own.

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