Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rick Byrd Thoughts

·         Doesn’t do some things simply because he didn’t like them as a player
o   For Example…running outside as a player for conditioning
·         A huge key to his 30-5 team a year ago was they simply didn’t lose to teams they shouldn’t lose to.  (5 losses were TN twice, Vanderbilt, at rival Lipscomb, and Wisconsin in tourney).  A key for you as a coach is to not lose the games you are supposed to win.
·         Allow NO player criticism of one another
o   Fine line between encouraging/pushing another player and criticizing them
o   Also, has the player earned the right to push/encourage another player
·         Reward what you are asking your players for
·         When you watch film, pay attention to how your bench players react to a good play
o   Might not be a good idea to force your players to stand up when another player leaves the floor.  Not always good to make them do something that might be disnginuine.  They should want to do these things
·         Make a huge deal out a player doing something you are trying to drive home
o   Playing time is the greatest reward for this
o   You can’t preach the importance of this all day then let your best player get away with it and still get Playing time
o   You have to make it a point to make it clear that even the subpar player is going to get the playing time because they are doing what you want done
·         You can’t worry about your best player walking away because you are constantly jumping on them
o   its ok to treat players differently as long as it is fair
o   He is way past keeping a great player on the team and risking them screwing the good thing they have going.  He would rather do without.  This is something he used to worry about early in coaching career
·         Be as positive as you can be
o   Belmont holds high school camp in summer.  He can’t believe how negative the high school coaches are as a whole.
o   Many high school coaches think they are being “old school”
o   Encourage them in a teaching sort of way
·         No profanity on his team or staff
o   No one can convince him that profanity is necessary to make your team better
·         At the least, his players wear a polo or button down and dress shoes to the games or in the airport.
o   No headphones on players when walking into or out of the gym or through the airport

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