Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rick Byrd on Practice

·         Practice
o   Practice with a purpose
o   If you let it happen in practice and it happens in a game then it is the coaches fault
o   The end goal isn’t outworking everybody or putting in more hours than everybody.  It’s about what you do with those hours
o   When you can’t decide whether to practice or not one day, ask your seniors and captains for their input.  It gives them ownership.
o   Every now and then do a 45 minute practice with a purpose
o   Have players rank their teammates (best in weight room, hardest worker, best teammate, etc…)
·         Play guys who are rested and ready to go as much as possible
·         Press
o   All Belmont did was put man on ball and play passing angles.  Didn’t get beat deep.
o   If ball came into your man, then just turn him as much as possible coming up court

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