Monday, July 9, 2012

Rick Majerus on Post Play

Transition Topics
1.       1st 3 steps in transition are the most important.
2.       Post players have to be strong and be able to run the floor.  Have to beat the defense down the floor.
3.       Post players have to be able to shoot free throws.  Being big is not a reason for missing free throws.

3 Things To Do Everyday
1.       Transition Defense
2.       Skill Development – 20 – 40 minutes per day (Mikan Drill)
a.       Mikan Drill Specifics
                                                               i.      Step Heal Toe
                                                             ii.      Release Ball in between 1 o’clock and 12 o’clock
                                                            iii.      Pull ball out of the net
3.       Free throws

3 Things to Develop Hands For Post Players
1.       Soft Hands to Catch
2.       Strong hands
3.       Soft touch when shooting

Why Post Players Miss Shots
1.       Not low enough
2.       Don’t focus on target
3.       Don’t get the ball high enough
Note: It is important to tape practice so kids can see themselves practice

Post Player Philosophy
1.       Low – sit in stance
2.       Slow – be patient
3.       Under control
4.       Need to have 1 go to move
5.       Need to have 1 counter move

Working on Seals
1.       Must work on them every day – cover situations
2.       Jump Hooks
a.       Keep contact on seal
b.      Don’t leave the pass
c.       Keep body into the defense on the jump hook
d.      Keep head up to hoop

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