Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kevin O'Neill

  • The Most important people are your players
  • Be More prepare each time you see your players
  • Good people make a good product; bad people make a bad produt
  • Have a defensive philosophy and dont waiver from it.  "This is what we are!"
  • When things are going good, you never know how close they are to going bad.  And vice versa
  • If you are a head coach, get a good staff.
  • If you are an assistant coach, be a good assistant
  • respect this business or it will bite you in the ass
  • Realize what type of player each of your players is. 3types
    • 30% will not compete no matter what
    • 30% will kick your ass
    • The remaining are somewhere in between.  What you get out of them depends on how hard you push them.

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