Monday, July 2, 2012

Nick Saban MISC quotes

-“If your stud makes isn’t going hard or screws up an assignment, don’t run and hide because he can run 4.4 and he’s a future 1st rounder. The best players are the guys you better confront because if the studs are doing it right, you won’t have any other problems.”
-“You can’t have a good program if you don’t work to dominate your opponent.”
-“We’re 42 hours away and for the next 42 hours I want you thinking about one thing: we’re going to beat their ass.”
-“He doesn’t obsess over national championships, he obsesses over trying to push people to be better. He thinks if he can do that, the wins will come.”
-“You don’t dominate someone the first play, you do it the 70th play. You need to sustain.”
-“Make all your decisions based on winning.” (#1 thing Saban learned from Chuck Knoll)
-“The problem with young players is that they’re so sensitive. They get upset every time you say something to them. We’re not evaluating you when we correct you, it’s called teaching.”
-“What’s going to Florida’s passion? What’s going to be LSU’s passion? Tennessee’s? Ours’? That’s what will determine what is going to happen—passion, purpose in what we want to do, what we want to accomplish.”
-Locker room sign: “Don’t Come Back Until You’ve Improved”
-“Be relentless in the pursuit of your goal and resilient in the face of bad luck and adversity.”
-“The one thing our program is based upon is finishing. Finish games. Finish your reps. Finish your running. Finish practice strong. Finish the fourth quarter.” –Alabama OL Will Vlachos
-“Don’t look at the scoreboard. Whether you’re ahead or behind shouldn’t affect how you participate.”
-“What I would like for every football team to do that we play is to sit there and say ‘I hate playing against these guys. Their effort, their toughness, relentless resiliency, go out every play and focus, play the next play, compete for 60 minutes in the game.”
-Will challenge his players by stopping practice and illustrating a playground game before asking, “Would you pick you? Would you pick you to be on your team?”
-“You must work together before you win together.”
-Chuck Daly’s 24 hour rule: both coaches and players, you celebrate or grieve only for 24 hours then you move on.
-Body language: “What are you selling?”
-3 I’s: Intelligence, Immediacy, Intensity
-“There’s a difference between wanting something and being committed to it.”
-“Practice wasn’t as bad as I acted, but it’s a good thing they *the players+ think it was.”
-“You don’t get what you want, you get what you deserve. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.”
-“I think it’s an identity that we’ve always tried to create. Be aggressive, physical, play with a lot of toughness. Strike them, knock them back. Be aggressive and relentless in your style of how you play and how you compete.”
-“It was such a pivotal game because that was the first game in which our guys sensed that if they put in the buy in and do it the right way, they could accomplish significant things.”
-“Teaching is the ability to inspire learning.”

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