Sunday, May 6, 2012

Brad Stevens Thoughts

These notes are from a clinic Brad Stevens did at the Wisconsin coaches association clinic 2 years ago. 
  • There is not much difference between being great and being mediocre.  Small margin of error between winning and losing (3 Possessions)

            NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP-------------Mediocre---------------Not Very Good
  • He wants butler to be known as a team with Good Students
  • Talked a lot about intangibles, values, and an overall collective buy-in
  • Thad Matta Quote: Think like a head coach everyday” (See the bigger picture)  Matta told him this while he was the ops guy doing travel
  • Todd Lickliter “Never mistake activity for Achievement” & “I apologize for the length of this letter, I didn’t have time to write it shorter”  Basically he wants to be efficient
  • 80% of their skill work in the pre and post season is 1-1.  1 coach 1 player
      -Builds relationships,  creates buy in from coach and player, toughner
  • Said a big part of their program is skill development.  he gives the athletes a say for what they want to work on.
  • Soar w/ their strengths (70-80% of workouts) & manage their weaknesses (20-30 %)
  • Talked a lot about recruiting gym rats and that type of mentality
  • Recommended “ The talent Code”
  • Deliberate Practice: Idea of preparation
  • Best way to see how in shape players are: Shoot 50 3’s before workout, and 50 3’s afterward then chart the difference.
  • Said he learned thru mistakes.
  • He wants his players to get 100 or more  game shots each practice.  Will tailor his drills to accomplish this.
      -Count # of shots your best player gets in a practice
  • Do a lot less, but do it a lot better
  • Big Stats guy.  Will spend an hour looking at Box scores for next opponent
      -3 pt attempts per FG attempt
      -FT Rate
      -O Reb %
      -TO %

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