Sunday, May 27, 2012

Frank Martin thoughts

Frank Martin from his clinic talk at the Texas Association of Basketball
Coaches convention in San Antonio.
- Don't cheat your kids. It's the reason you coach. Someone kicked your ass
into doing it right. Don't allow your kids to slide.
- If you allow [your opponent] to set up, play, and establish their identity,
they'll beat you.
- Defense starts with pressure offense. Run every time. We're going to put
you on your heels
- Re: Pressure Defense, "I believe in making [our opponents] throw long
- Re: Communication, "If you care about winning, you talk to your
- Teams now are either going to shoot 3's. If they dribble drive, it's going to
be a dunk. There is no in-between game anymore." - Prepare accordingly.
- Re: Halfcourt Defense, Teams don't get easy baskets against set defenses
that are back and ready to guard.
- Re: Wing Denial Backdoor Cuts, On-ball defender responsible for the lob
(ball pressure will eliminate easy look as well as make the pass longer,
higher, slower). 1 pass away (deny position) is responsible for taking away
the bounce pass.
- Passes go over or under the defense; never THROUGH the defense. Create
long passes.
- Opponents never catch the ball facing the basket. Defender should apply so
much pressure that they always catch with back to the bucket.
- Teaching point: On ball defense - "Crawl up in him." [I like this
terminology. Creates an image of a low stance]
- Teaching point: On ball defense - "Crack of your ass to the glass." Nose on
top hip.

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