Friday, May 18, 2012

Ettore Messina on Teaching

Teaching is more important that coaching. 

We cannot teach all of our players everything we know

We must be selective in our teaching and teach only that which we know, understand
and think will help

Develop a clear mind / system for teaching eg A‐>B‐>C‐>D not A‐>C‐>B‐>D

Each step in our teaching should be challenging but achievable ‐ not so many easy steps
that it will be too easy so we do not create superficial players. 

 We should coach where possible the Whole ‐ Part ‐ Whole method.
  ‐ Find the Balance
  ‐ Allow players to make mistakes
  ‐ Develop a relationship with the mistakes
  ‐ Learn to accept the mistakes
  ‐ Feedback determines if players will listen

 The 'Why' should always come before the "What"

3 Levels of Growth:‐
1. Mentally
2. Physically
3. Technically

 It is the coaches responsibility to check constantly that all three areas are showing

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