Thursday, May 31, 2012

Don Meyer Thoughts

It's How You Play the Game: Mental Discipline
1. Communicate with teammates vs. talk with opponent (or officials, opposing
school crowd, opposing coaches, etc... They all have the same mental effect.)
2. Taking a charge vs. backing away from a charge.
3. Calling out and communicating assignments on the freethrow lane vs. violations
at the freethrow line.
4. Take charge or block shot to a teammate vs. wild leaping or goal tending.
5. Smart foul vs. dumb foul
6. Intense position pressure defense vs. wild lunging defense.
7. Poised offense vs. anxious offense.
8. Use the glass or grab the ball vs. don't use the glass or tip.
9. Inside game vs. outside game perimeter lapse.
10. Make lay-ups vs. miss lay-up and they score.
11. Positive one; look for ways to win vs. negative one.
12. Great effort each possession vs. great play syndrome.
Don't let weak people bring out the weakness in you.
Intensity and technique lead to hustle plays.
Play against the game.

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