Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ryan Marks thoughts

Build relationships!  ―This is a great thing for guys to get together and talk basketball.‖
Always look for ways to get better… GM’s using the lockout for self-improvement
Consider a ―Coaches Retreat‖
You are going to do these four thing’s FOR SURE as a basketball coach:
o You are going to finish last.
o You are going to finish first.
o You’re going to do a good job, and get a better one.
o You’re going to do a good job, and get fired anyway.
Coaching needs to be a fraternity—more than just a competition with each other!
We need to look at each other as colleagues
If you have the chance to be a head coach, go be one!  You learn so much as a head coach.
―If I was an athletic director, I would hire a lower level head coach that has been successful over an
assistant from a bigger school. His chances of succeeding are far greater.‖
Don’t be afraid to take a lower level job and hone your skills
―No more grinding‖ - That’s for Starbucks…  Everyone works hard.  The reality is basketball is a fun job
that is time consuming.   
You’re in the business of helping others!
Work hard. Work diligently. Remember why you are in this profession. You are giving kids a chance to
earn an education and to become better people.
Go and be a coach!
o Start your program and start impacting lives
―Best way to get to the next job is to do a great job at the one you have!‖
o With coaches, develop sincere relationships—guys you call when you don’t need anything
Have to be yourself in coaching and recruiting
Anytime you have an opportunity to do more things and have more responsibility than your previous job,
it’s a good move.
Any style of coaching is fine, as long as your honest and loyal… Be you!
When you are a head coach and have open staff positions, start keeping a running list NOW of who
impresses you.
Communication all about relationships!

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