Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Josh Pastner

Be prepared for every opportunity – You never know when it is going to come…
As a head coach, you are really a CEO of a company—your team and program
Always be prepared for your shot—then it’s up to you…The more you move up, the more responsibility
you are going to have.
Expect the unexpected
Nothing more important than ―LOYALTY‖
Be prepared for the responsibility/accountability of a head coach all the time
You’ve got to have good players, but you also have to motivate them, teach them, etc.
o Dealing with people (and their psychology), not robots
Hiring staff is critical!
o Stay centered
With players, better to be hard on them at the beginning of your time with them and ease up, then be easy
on them at the beginning and be forced to get tough
What you say, you HAVE TO FOLLOW THROUGH—no matter the consequences (e.g., kicking kids off
his team despite their skill level and talent for not following team rules)
Motivate through respect and hold your players accountable…I don’t want to motivate through fear…
If they don’t get the job done, make them accountable
With discipline, take each situation on its own—don’t back yourself into a corner (No 25 rules)
In a timeout, repeat yourself 3 or 4 times (especially the important things)
Do what you know and fit it to your personnel
Dealing with human beings, follow through, and follow up = MILLION BUCKS!
In our current positions as support staff, develop relationships with assistants—they’re the next ones getting
Always be positive!
You can’t run something that you don’t know
- You have to fit what you run to your personnel
On dealing with boosters:
- When they call you, call them back. When boosters and people that want you to speak somewhere get a
call back from the head coach, it makes them feel like a million bucks, even if you tell them no.
On dealing with fans:
- Always publicly say that it’s ―their‖ team, not ―my‖ team. It’s always ―our‖, ―we‖, and ―us‖ instead of
―mine‖, ―I‖, and ―me‖.
When hiring a staff:
- He did not rush on a hire. It’s better to wait longer to find the right fit than rush into a bad hire.
- The #1 quality he looked for was loyalty
- After that, they have to be able to coach and recruit - ―I want a future head coach that can deal with a
On disciplining players:
- Always sleep on it before you make a rash decision. Always...

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