Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Buzz Williams Thoughts

Nike Clinic-Maine West High School/October 2009

• “It’s all about culture-it all precedes the drills-its how you do it- not just what you do.  So many
people are reinventing the wheel.”
• “The voices you listen to determine choices that you make!”
• “Pay it forward-this is becoming lost in coaching…once guys progress, so do their egos and they
forget where they came from.”
• Somehow, what people say…that perception becomes a reality.
• Power of words-words must be the same and specific to your team!
• Buzz is constantly praising others (other coaches, his friend that is his assistant).
• Coach in sound bites and in seconds-in today’s day and age the kids need this type of teaching.
• Left first job…not right fit…people thought he was crazy and a quitter…was not right fit for him.
• He puts his practices on IPod so he can hear his words and self scout.
• He introduced the players (Drew)…they are people to him…Buzz is the most genuine coach I’ve
seen…I would love to play for him….players respect this
• In scouting-don’t explain play in report, do that in practice…in report, tell how they score.
• Close out with the top foot up…FORCE CORNER!!!
• If someone asks, what should I do, that is not working hard enough…there is always something
to do!
• At Marquette, they always guard ball with two helpers.  They do not care if ball goes towards
• Put tape all of the way down middle of floor…get to help line…when they are two passes away,
guys must touch help line…it is a visual and it helps.
• Butt to ball, belly to man, seeing both.
• Spring to help.
• When practice starts…it is OUR TIME…during off-season, this is YOUR TIME…maybe give YOUR
TIME workouts during season.  These are some of my thoughts that stemmed from Buzz’s
• No negative thoughts, always giving praise, giving heart, full of gratitude.
• Shell-jump to ball (cross, down, back, fade screens)
• Top foot up, good closeouts-be skinny so you don’t get screened.
• If offensive player is “fighting for feet” or fighting for position, then defensive players are high
and loose because they don’t want to get into position.
• Post D…X out…above FT line on high side…if ball goes below then X over on low side in front…if
on low side and ball goes above FT line, then X behind above.
• Reminded me of Jimmy V- live life with enthusiasm, be genuine, have care, enjoy it, enjoy the
kids, LOVE IT!!!
• Show it, love it, don’t complain…if I complain, why do it?
• Ball screens, they give all of the coverages names.

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