Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Doc Rivers on using a coaching staff

Build your staff based on the idea of what your team should be. Ask yourself
what do you want your team to stand for? Hire accordingly. Things Doc looks for
is loyalty, talent, and team players

 Engaging Assistants. Don't hire "yes men". Look for people that will provide
insight into what will make you better. Debate, explore, decide, and implement.

Pat Riley "Beginners are open. Experts are closed. The challenge is to stay

Take a page from the football coaching mentality. Find staff members that have
strengths that compliment each other. Much like football coaches being position
specific and/or offensively or defensively specific, find coaches that fill voids.
Doc says, "Give them room to be great!"

If you tell your team to play their roles, shouldn't you do the same with you and
your staff?

The X's and O's don't matter. What matters is if you and your staff can get the
players to buy in. Assistant coaches must buy in to the system and goal(s) as much
as, if not more than, the players

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