Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tom Izzo on timeouts and Special teams

Izzo is one of the best in the business.  I love his approach to the game and how he uses assistants. 

-Players in tough situations don’t respond how you wished they would. Use timeouts to
rectify this.
-Save your timeouts in the 1st half, utilize them in the 2nd
-Utilize your timeouts: how are they playing us? At times it’s something we need to adjust to,
but at others, it’s simply putting it down on the board and explaining it to our players.

-Izzo refers to dead ball situations as basketball version of football’s special teams.(blobs,slobs, free throws, jump balls, and after time outs)

-Why the importance on “Special Teams”? Lost 14 games by 1-4 points in his first 2 seasons
and thought, “how could we steal a couple of points a game?” The important part was
selling the emphasis to his players. “The main point of all this isn’t necessarily the plays we
run, but the commitment we make to it. You can substitute any of our x’s and o’s for your
own, but the important piece is that it needs to become incredibly important to you and your
players. Convince them that those extra points will separate you”

-We see these situations as times where we can’t let up. While the other team is relaxing,
we’re going 100 miles an hour with total concentration.

-If we get one basket every 2 games in each one of those 5 situations, we’ve gained 5 points
a game.

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