Friday, May 25, 2012

Jeff Van Gundy clinic thoughts

Three Things To Checkout
1. Watch “A Coaches Life” on the NFL Network, a special on Bill Belichick filmed in 2009
2. Watch “Standing Tall,” a 1 hour documentary on St. Anthony's
3. Read “What If The Sectret To Success Is Failure?,” an article from the NY Times
• Need to teach
1. Grit
2. Self-Control
• Calipari was successful at UMass when he simplified everything and got great at it rather than
being able to do a lot
• You have to know who you can coach successfully
• Van Gundy can only deal with 1 of the 3
1. Soft
2. Stupid
3. Selfish
• Coaching confidence is as important as playing confidence
• You have to be confident to get your players to believe
• Pat Riley – 4 Things Players Want From a Coach
1. Confidence
2. Sincerity
3. Reliability
4. Trustworthiness
• Bill Parcells - “You have to know what loses before you know what wins.”
• If you don't beat yourself, you are going to be successful.
• He believes that balance wins
• Important to write down what you believe and get players to learn the bullet point

Van Gundy's List
1. Defend
2. Rebound – block out, gang rebound
3. Low Turnover – simple, sound, solid decisions
4. Inside-Out – ball needs to hit the paint as much as possible, either off the dribble or pass
5. Best Shot – make it part of the fabric of your team
• Every high school game I go to is decided on layups.
• What do you take personally?
• Van Gundy the following personally
1. Transition Defense
• How many guys do you send back?  You can adjust by sending more back if you are
getting beat.
• Transition defense should stop layups, free throws, and open 3's
2. Defense
• Get whole body in front of the ball
3. Screening
• Everyone can be a great screener
• Everyone should screen the same way
• Head hunt, put chest in shoulder
• If a guy always slips the screen, he is soft
4. Hitting the Open Man
5. Blocking Out
• When the ball is shot, does your team hit? 42

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