Friday, June 15, 2012

Ben Jacobson- Attacking Man to Man Defenses

 Coaching requires you to build a solid foundation and have solid expectations
Don’t shift your views if a shot is made or missed
3 concepts of man to man offense
o Spacing
o Pace
o Screening
 When attacking man to man defense, what do you want to accomplish?
o We want to find a way to force help
o Force a 2nd defender out of position
We let our players have lots of freedom
o We want them to play with lots of confidence
 Ali Farokhmanesh had the confidence to hit the shot in Kansas game
 We don’t run a motion
o We set lots of ball screens and run lots of set plays
Offense is about how hard guys are cutting away from the basketball

Utilizing the dribble hand off
o If your PG hands the ball off to a player on the wing, consider running him off a double screen to the opposite side of the court
o Guy receiving the ball quickly reverses it, and you could have the PG open at the post or corner

 How do you teach the timing of the ball screen?
o Repetition is most important
o Emphasize patience
o Wait for screener to set feet

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