Friday, June 29, 2012

Coach K on Practice

*Should be no longer than 2hrs (Not counting Pre & Post Practice)
*Eliminate as much standing time as possible
-Allocate all of your resources to get players as many reps as
possible (Especially on individual drills Ex. 1 on 1 Denial Drill)
-Good physical habits are not developed without reps
*Match-up players for drills so they don't end up going with the same
person every time
*Throughout practice, let players sub for each other…If you want a
definite group…then call for them
*Make drills and practice situations…Game-Like (including instructions)
-Don't walk and talk players through drill instructions (Not Gamelike)
*Have a 10 minute period where you have a "Sprint Practice"
-Change things a bunch
-Continually alter what you are doing on the run (Like in a game)
*Practice Game Situations
-End of quarter, End of Game, All Game Situations
*Simulate Halftime
*Vary the places and times you talk to your team (limited attention
*Videotape everything that is 4 on 4 and 5 on 5
-You might focus on an individual player or specific drill
*Free Throws
-Do Pressure Free Throw Drills
Post Practice Meeting with Staff
*Critique Practice
-"We did a good job with this"
-"I think we need more work with this"
-"Lets come back tomorrow with this"
-I was going to come back tomorrow with this, but I think it is better
that we do this"

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