Tuesday, June 5, 2012

mike dunlap thoughts

-Don’t trust winning/ Find out about yourself when you lose
-Be who you are/ What do you believe in? -
- Pete Newell- “Keep an open mind”
- Innovate within your system
-Assistant coaches want to change things prematurely
-You find out what your players learn when they talk to the media
-Mistakes happen on 3rd reversal pass
-Opinions must be supported with facts & #’s
-Get the ball to the sideline- “ 4 in the box”
-“Repetition leads to clarity”
-Watching more video leads to the game slowing down in your mind
-There is a 17% decline in shooting %  on contested shots
-rebound without hesitation
-Get “perfect” out of your coaching vocabulary
-Over coaching takes away from aggressiveness•
-Positional meetings with staff- football concepts

-Bad practices are usually a reflection on the head coach
1. Attitude
2. Energy
3. Bad planning

-When doing individual improvement- be specific
-Assistant coaches must be positive & have energy
-Video should be short & sharp
-Allow players to like watching video- you can’t kill them every time they watch
video or it will become a negative for them

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