Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mark Fox- Adjusting to becoming a head coach

-Do your current job well and you will advance.
- Great advice- keep 2 shooters on the floor and schedule well.
- Assistants have 2-3 issues, coach has 12 issues.
-Assistants must learn all aspects of the game.
-Sometimes best assistants are guys that knew nothing when they started.
-Coaching and Teaching- offense & defense- transition, man, zone
-Player development- Posts & Guards
-Pick brains of respected coaches
-Team Travel
-Radio Shows
-Mgmt. of Staff
-Team Building
-Budget Mgmt.
- Must get exposure to all of these areas.
Recruiting- Challenge to sell yourself vs. sell your head coach when you move a few inches down on the bench.
-Your knowledge isn’t good enough, unless you share it.
- Staffing- Find guys better than you in every capacity.
- Gain understanding of what head job involves.
- Let your asst. coaches coach- on foreign trip, he let each asst. coach 1 game- was a great experience.
- Have to understand life of head coach and the management skills necessary- must stay sharp on detail when you are head coach because you get so busy.
- Gain more experience- do more individual workouts, do more with post-players, etc.
- Most challenging aspect for him was changing mindset of players in current program- be professional, be prepared.
- Skill development- learn from the pros in the field.
- How can you help a PG or C get better?
- Must build the “Loyola Experience” in your facility and throughout the program- how are you telling your story, what do others say about your program?
- “Expect Greatness”

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