Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hubie Brown thoughts

Some more thoughts from Hubie Brown
-Great coaches aren’t afraid to be innovators
-PLAYERS make the system, not the coach. You NEED players—During the Chicago
Bulls’ run during the ‘90’s, eight newly-hired coaches installed the triangle offense in their
new job, none, zero, lasted more than 2 years. What happens when you don’t have the
-How do you ram home your emphasis?

Shooting makes up for a multitude of sins. I have a shooter on each unit no matter how bad
of a defender he is. We can hide a bad defender, we just need him to make the necessary

-Key halftime stats: offensive rebounds (& points off), fast break % (& points off) and
deflections (Why do I love deflections so much? Because it shows that we’re working and it
tells me we’re bothering them from making the pass to the spot they want)
-Reward your guys: tell them how much you appreciate them
-Give your players a chance to talk
-Never end a drill without a basket. It does 3 things: 1. improves their confidence 2.
conditioning, forces them to chase the ball down 3. enforces good habits, conditions them
into making scoring a reflexive action

-A coach must pay extreme attention to the last 6 minues of a game. Ask yourself:
1. Did we get high percentage shots for our shooters?
2. Did we get to the free throw line?
3. Turnovers
-The day after a loss, a coach must break those key plays in the last 6 minutes to explain to
his players why we won/ why we lost

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