Thursday, June 14, 2012

Buzz Williams

“Character Revealed”
1. “Life Lessons”—every Sunday outside of the season, everyone
involved in the program meets for 1 hour and 18 minutes and
discusses life (led by Coach Williams).
2. “Story Time”—the night before every game, he tells the team a story.
(Coach Williams talked about his love for great stories and how this
activity calms his nerves the night before a game)
3. “Boot Camp”—they have boot camp 15 days before the first practice.
This is an emotionally draining series of conditioning drills without a
basketball. Players choose teams each day, so it is always competitive
and requires thinking and strategy. “This is when we become a team.”
Players, who, for whatever reason, do not complete boot camp, do not
get practice gear until it is completed.
4. “The Words We Use”—A set of vocabulary words that becomes the
language among those in the program. All players and coaches speak
this language, keeping everything consistent and clear. Says that while
it can be overwhelming for young guys in the first month, it is a great
way to assimilate them into the program.

• Core values for the program:
1. Get back in transition—no easy baskets
2. Keep the ball out of the paint—no layups
3. Defend without fouling—great ball pressure
4. Paint touches—Great shots—Throw aheads

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