Saturday, June 16, 2012

Roy Williams on Offense

Point Guard’s job is to go as fast as he can from top of the key to top of the key
 Make a commitment to run every single time
 We practice taking the ball out of the net
o Coach stands in front of FT line, shoots the ball
I am by no means a huge Roy Williams fan, however he does have some good thoughts on transition & early offense
o Post player takes ball out and quickly outlets it to manager at the 28 foot line
 Make or miss
 Outlet pass
o Point Guard
 As you catch the ball, make sure you can stop on a dime and change direction
 Don’t risk committing the charge
 Primary Break
o 2 or fewer defenders
3v2 or 2v1
Shot within 2 passes
o 3 or more defenders
Secondary break

Everybody on the team must like the shot that’s taken by a player
Poll the team in practice during play
How many people on blue liked the shot that was taken by Joe?

 Post players: Deception
o Pretend like you’re catching the lob
o Tyler Hansbrough was so good because when he was in the post, he fought the hardest and demanded the ball every time

Cherish the highs of coaching
o After we won National Championships, the next day I was on the road recruiting
 Didn’t celebrate the successes
o With a subpar season, we dwell too much on the negatives, we need to balance that out with celebrating the wins

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