Saturday, June 2, 2012

Steve Pikiell- From Last to first

5 Star Coaching Clinic 5/7/11
Iona College New Rochelle, NY

• Cores
◦ Offense – spacing, ball reversal, post touch, shot selection
◦ Defense – no middle, no layup, good defense
◦ Taking ball out of bounds – we are scoring on out of bounds plays
◦ Transitions – get easy baskets
• Keep things simple
• Teach 1 thing and apply it to multiple things
• Transition
◦ Pass ahead
◦ Reverse on skip passes
• Keep terminology simple
◦ 1 word should give an automatic response
▪ Again = re-screen
▪ Opposite = run it on the opposite side
• Run Flex down (traditional Flex) and Flex up (set up screens/back screens)
• Save an out of bounds series for the end of the year
• Save an offensive series for the end of the year
• Empower your assistants
• Zone offense: Knockout
◦ guys have to hunt shots
◦ catch the ball and peek at the rim
◦ everyone has to read the knockout guy
Notes by Jim Ponchak,, 59

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