Sunday, June 24, 2012

Coach K on Game Prep

Game Preparation 
*Preparation for the next game starts directly at the end of your last
*First, watch the tape of your last game 
-Make sure of what you think you saw during the game 
*Scouting report of your upcoming opponent with stats 
*First part of next practice is a team meeting 
-Have to have closure from previous game 
-Then, leave that location "Shutting the Door" 
-Switch to a different area and start talking about next game… 
"Opening the Door" 
-Give a real quick summary of the next opponent, then start practice 
-Offense and Defense can revolve around a few things the next
opponent will do 
-You can also work on areas in which you struggled in previous game 
-It is not all getting ready for the next team. It is getting us ready 
-"I want to take care of us before getting into elaborate game plans" 
-"Your kids don't know your plays…How the hell are they gonna know 
their plays?????" They should know tendencies 
-Respect your opponent; Whether it is the lowest team in your 
conference or the #1 team in your conference 
-"We PLAY in every game" 
-"I want our team to be GREAT every time we play 

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