Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tom Crean Thoughts

Tom Crean is definetely  a program builder.  He has built 2 programs that are top 10 programs in the nation now (Marquette & Indiana).  His work ethic and pursuit of knowledge is second to none.
1. Team and Player Development
2. Recruiting
3. Game Management & Game Marketing
Need to commit to player development. Developing skills is the most important thing a coach can do.
“Just Coach the Team”- sign on his office wall.
- You have to be more than a recruiter to be a Head Coach. If you can only recruit, you will get fired quickly.
Assistant Coaches- Must be known for something: recruiting, scheduling, offense, academics, marketing
1. Skill Fundamentals workout- isolate skills
2. Strategies/Schemes
3. Contingency plan on the floor
Who is the best in your conference- look at them and find a way to make your team better.
- Need two ball-handlers vs. press
- Your team must be skilled enough to compete vs. all types of teams
Study leadership/football coaches/Frank Beamer VA Tech special teams
Frank Beamer owns special teams and they are the best in the country.
How do you score in all different situations?
You must have a plan.
Head coaches should totally understand special teams- every out of bounds situation, FT’s, after time outs.
Van Gundy- studied last 5 minutes of every game. Breaks down film to help his coaching.
Contingency plans- How obsessed, how detailed are you in every situation?
Cannot pick and choose ownership- will get you beat!
- Can’t pick what is passionate to them.
- Assign roles, but everybody must be involved
- Agendas = jealousy and disloyal coaches

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