Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lon Kruger Man to Man Offense

A very underrated coach is Oklahomas Lon kruger.  He has won at all of his stops (in college) .
 As a coach, create an atmosphere in practice for your best chance to teach and best chance for your players to learn
o What would you want to do if you were playing for you?
o We do this by being positive and encouraging
 Encourage an atmosphere for players to want to come early and stay late
 Create more confidence for your players
 Talk to your players, ask them questions
o Get your players to share ownership in the program
o Not my program and my team; it’s our program and our team
 Expect a lot out of your players
o Be fair, and consistent
 Your best player needs to be your hardest worker
o Needs to make the other players want to come in early and stay late with him
 Focus on the details
o We compete to win each and every possession of the ballgame
 Everyone gets to practice early
o Coaches and players work together
o Get game like shots before practice
o Always start our individual workouts with shooting
 In practice, don’t allow bobbled catches or travels – if they happen in practice, they will happen in the game

On offense, have an opportunity to get an easy bucket in transition
Good spacing allows you to get the ball inside
 You need to be able to reverse the ball
o If the ball never gets swung, you’re attacking the defense at its strongest point

 Win Battles
o Usually when we lose, we don’t need to do something different
We just need to work harder and execute more precisely
 Ideally, we want to get down the court and score off of our initial action (back cut action) – we’d rather not call any sets

 Players need a security blanket on offense
o Something they’re very comfortable with that they can go to in pressure situations
When you play a team for the 3rd and 4th time, they start to figure out your stuff
o You need to have counters so you have more options
o Counters give your players a chance to read and respond to situations
 Most of our screens are small on big or big on small

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